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Continental Hydralics

Typical Applications:
Continental Hydraulics Piston Pumps are available in over 300 possible configurations to suit a wide variety of industrial and mobile applications. Compact design, low noise levels, and excellent horsepower-to-weight ratios make these pumps ideal for mobile equipment, off-highway, marine auxiliary power controls, heavy construction, oil field and farm equipment applications. Serviceability and a wide variety of control options make Continental Piston Pumps the right choice for indexing, clamping, lifting, machine feed/extract and conveying applications.

Variable volume and pressure compensated design:
  • simplifies circuit design
  • reduces heat buildup
  • reduces noise
  • lowers horsepower requirements
  • eliminates pressure relief valves
  • eliminates heat exchangers

Mountings: Flange and manifold mounted SAE and ANSI/ISO 2-bolt mountings and pipe connections
Also 4-bolt mountings

Displacements: .88, 1.26, 2.09, 2.62, and 3.78 cubic inches per revolution

Capacities: 4 to 70 gpm
Operating Pressures: up to 2000 psi

Pressure Compensation Ranges: 200 to 3500 psi continuous duty, up to 4000 psi intermittent duty

Fluids: Recommended: Petroleum-base, Acceptable: most phosphate esters

Axial Piston Pumps
Axial Piston Pumps
Variable Displacement, Pressure Compensated

Continental Axial Piston Pumps

1. Improved Bias Spring
Designed to reduce collapsing and increase spring life.

2. Brass Piston Slippers
Pivot and rotate to equalize wear. A fluid passage through the slipper reduces piston loading and delivers lubrication to the piston slipper ball joint.

3. Hardened Swashplate Trunnions
Because piston slippers don’t wear on the swashplate, it seldom needs replacement. Hardening the swashplate trunnions assures long and trouble-free life.

4. Replaceable Port Plate and Wear Plate
Designed to be rebuildable. No need to replace the entire pump cover or swashplate. No need to remove the swashplate for normal service. Swashplate and port plate use hydrostatic forces acting between the plates and the cylinder block to minimize loading on the plates. Fasteners are all readily accessible.

5. Quiet, Efficient Operation
Computer-designed porting reduces noise at all pressure/flow levels. Noise shrouds can be eliminated.

6. Rugged Construction
The cast iron body is thicker at stress points than competitive pumps. The thicker, heavier body also contributes to quiet operation.

7. Four Compensation Options, and Hundreds of Possible Configurations
Basic pressure compensation, remote pressure control, load sensing control or horsepower limiting control gives you the flexibility to match the pump to your application.

To find out more about these products and the many other Continental Hydraulic products, please contact Flow Products, Inc. for a free catalog or assistance.
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