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Eaton Aroquip Hyadraulic Hose

Aeroquip swivel

Flow Products, Inc. is pleased to introduce Eaton Aeroquip's new line of Balanced-Pressure Swivel Joints. New Eaton Aeoquip FS65 Balanced-Pressure Swivel Joints answer customer requests for more cost competitive, compact product.

Eaton Aeroquip FS65 Series swivel joints feature compact forged casings that are less expensive to manufacture than brazing casings. Their balanced-pressure design distributes pressure evenly through the body of the joints, eliminating axial loading of the sleeve.

The pressure-balanced design allows the swivel joints to rotate with very low torque—even up to their fully rated operating pressure.

The latest swivel joint product from Eaton Aeroquip will be available in sizes 1/4 inch to 1 inch. The swivel joints have pressure capabilities up to 5,000 psi for the 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch sizes and 3,500 psi for the 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch sizes.

• Balanced-pressure design
• Shows no significant increase
in torque with introduction
of pressure
• Low-drop dimensions • Fit in compact areas
• Contamination seals • Prevent environmental
contaminates from entering the
swivel joints
• 360-degree rotation • Prevents hose twisting, thus
increasing hose life
• Standard 0-ring design
and repair kits
• Allow quick and reliable
field repairs
Eaton Aeroquip

To find out more about these Aeroquip products and many others, please contact Flow Products, Inc. for a free catalog or assistance.


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