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P1M Cylinders
Schrader Bellows pneumatic components

Schrader Bellows cylinder

Flow Products introduces the P1M Series
Extra Low Profile Pneumatic Cylinder

Save Money — Save Space
with the P1M Series Air Cylinder

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Efficient, Flexible, Low Cost and Space Saving Design !!
Quality bolted construction, innovative internal transfer tube, customized stroking and integral
sensors combined with proven reliability make the P1 M Series the high performance, space saving
choice for efficient, value based machine design.

Extra Low Profile Version
The Extra Low Profile Bearing Version allows us to provide the most compact cylinder possible. This bearing version is recommended for applications that require shorter stroke lengths or that are light duty. It is available in stroke lengths up to 50mm in the smaller bore sizes and 150 mm in the larger bore sizes.

Long Bearing Version
The Long Bearing Version provides additional rod bearing and piston bearing support. The Long Bearing Version not only provides increased rod bearing support, but also includes a magnetic piston with bearing strip for greater piston bearing support. This Long Bearing version is required for stroke lengths beyond the Extra Low Profile maximum stroke length and is recommended for higher duty
applications. To order the Long Bearing Version, the Magnetic piston option and Long Bearing Option should be specified.

For your catalog or quote email Flow Products, Inc. or call 800-631-2029

Click here for Features and Benefits

Schrader Bellows P1M Cylinder


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